Jeff Bezos's New Shepard Is A Big...

Lets face it this is the most penile looking rocket ever. More ways to get to space are good for humanity but does it have to look like a pecker?

New Sheppard will carry Jeff Bezos over the Karman Line 100 km or higher into the internationally recognized boundary of space. The Virgin Galactic Spaceship 2 was a beautiful, innovative, and inspired Scaled Composites design from the mind of the legendary Burt Rutan. The kind of aeronautical engineer, no, the kind of problem solver we just do not get in this very computer heavy age.

New Sheppard on the other hand has a very functional aesthetic

Blue Origin New Shepard NS-10 Ignition January 23, 2019: NS-10 Platform: New Shepard Location: West Texas Launch Site Photographer: Blue Origin

Lets be honest. Let a serious scientist saying this give you the permission to say it. Blue Origin’s New Shepard looks like a penis. The whole shape of it the contour of it … looks not just generically phallic but it looks like the shape of a reproductive organ.

A great YouTube channel Everyday Astronaut, is enthusiastically covering this.

Important But Not History Making We Hope.

Given the achievements of Space X and of Virgin Galactic (in cooperation with Scaled Composites) it is safe to say this is important as an accessible alternative but hopefully not history making. History being made tomorrow will mean a mishap occurred. I hope that Jeff Bezos and all who ride with him get to blast off to a fun, exciting experience that will soon cost as much as a trip on the Concorde used to. Something people do once in a lifetime.

I hope this is important but not history making.

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