No opinion trumps data and non-expert opinion is not equal to expert opinion. Early 2020 we only had expert opinion, now the experts have data, and we…
A tiny dot of light that will show us the universe.
The new term used by the anti vaccine right wing to dismiss any movement to the left of them or just in favor of common sense public health measures.
In terms of challenge and intent very much like a modern-day pyramid.
A flyer put up at a Downers Grove Illinois high school for a field trip promoting educational careers for students of color has caused a CRT Backlash
Quantum Field Theory Says So.
No one would like confirmation of the Alcubierre warp drive metric being realized in the real world more than me. However, this is a good time to remind…
They Also Do Not Like Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry that goes against their ideologies.
The Axioms of CRT Can Be Good Or Evil. Can we at least all know them so we can have productive arguments?
The Pilgrims were people who wanted to practice their reformed Christianity and be left alone. The Puritans came later and brought with them a sense of…
At least 47 transgender people, mainly Black Transgender women, were killed by anti-trasngender violence.
For good reasons we plot them as functions of time but what if we plotted them differently? What would we find?