White and Black people alike are held hostage by people in our communities who are heavily armed, and who will shoot anyone who gets in their way.
I haven't done any calculations yet but here is my immediate reaction.
Here is a good example of the hype VS the take from the real scientist
Generally, I don't care about the Oscars but then Will Smith legit slapped Chris Rock so hard that it made the Russo-Ukrainian war stop trending.
I for one am not in favor of having as a requirement that I state my pronouns, nor should anyone feel that they must at the same time no one should be…
After a nuclear attack Dirt and Distance are the watchwords for survival.
Dimitry Rogozin Is A Jackass.
A Book On How To Survive The Unthinkable.
Despite breathless reports by non scientist reporters may say scientist at NIST have not warped time or even really done much that has to do with…
Today we celebrate women in STEM. Meaning adult human females or anyone who identifies as a woman and lives as a woman who against so many stereotypes…
Simulating a portion of the universe may be all that is needed to create a Matrix in real life.
Transmen too but the bigots only ever seem to care about transwomen